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Pioneering digital currency together

Digital + Asset = Dasset

Money is the language of value. Money can be digital too. Bitcoin is a collection of technologies that facilitated the first digital transfer of value, without a middleman. While bitcoin is far from being considered money, it has succeeded in sparking one of the greatest transitions in wealth from analog to digital value.

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, our goal is to make digital currency accessible to everyone. Dasset is the place for customers to buy, sell, and trade blockchain-based digital assets such as bitcoin and ethereum. Our Exchange is designed for both retail customers and professional traders. Through our intuitive trading platform, we enable individuals and institutions to trade and invest in a number of cryptocurrencies.

Our Features:

  • Professional trading engine designed by seasoned financial markets experts
  • Highly secured platform audited by third party specialists
  • Digital currency deposits stored in multi-signature cold storage
  • Legal Tender Currency deposits held in a secured Custodial Account
  • Strategic partnerships with domestic and international financial institutions and payment service providers
  • Comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering, customer due diligence, and transaction monitoring procedures on par with those used by financial institutions

High performance

Over 1,000,000 orders per second

Multi-coin support


High Liquidity

Abundant resources and partners

Superior Technology

Multi-tier & multi-cluster system architecture

Experienced Team

Successful crypto and finance entrepreneurs

User Friendly

No experience necessary to get started

Our Values


Security is essential when dealing with your digital identity and funds. We take careful measures to secure your data and your funds both online and off. Your legal tender funds are in a Custodial Account, your digital currencies are stored in multi-signature cold wallets, and your data is encrypted.


The world is going open-source, and we should too. Our success relies on our ability to keep customers and key stakeholders informed about what we are doing, and how we are doing it. We publicly display our fees and inform you of them before any trades take place.


Your privacy matters. We understand that what you do is your own business, and therefore, your privacy will be taken seriously. Information you provide us will remain strictly confidential, and on a need to know basis. We will not sell or give your information away to any entity unless required by law.

Financial Independence

We believe that financial responsibility is an important foundation for living in a world of opportunity and prosperity. Unfortunately, financial literacy is generally not taught in primary school. So we are here to fill in the gaps and help people understand the importance of being financially responsible.

Who Are We?

We are a team of cryptocurrency, financial markets, and payments veterans. Digital currency changed our lives by showing us what was possible. We want you to be a part of our world and make the possible become reality. Digital currencies are a journey that everyone should be a part of. They are creating a global language of value that can be used to connect us no matter who we are or where we are from.

Board of Directors

Fran Strajnar


Fran is a multi-disciplined entrepreneur, deeply involved in the highly disruptive and exciting Digital Currency & Blockchain Ecosystem. Masters of Entrepreneurship. Founder of several companies. Extensive travel around the globe for Blockchain, Payments and FinTech events. Fran has grown-up with the Blockchain industry globally and has a firm understanding of Enterprise Blockchain Solution Design.

Stephen Macaskill


With a decade of experience in startups, monetary theory, and traditional financial markets, Stephen dove head first into the digital currency space when his precious metals company was the first in the industry to accept bitcoin as a payment method. Through this process he realised that bitcoin is converting analog value to digital value, creating a new digital gold. Now he is CEO of Digital Asset Exchange.

Mailing Address

162 Victoria Street
Auckland, AKL CBD 1010
New Zealand

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