Coin Storage

  • All wallets are encrypted.
  • The majority of coins are stored in cold wallets, completely isolated from any online system.
  • Only the coins that are needed to maintain operational liquidity are stored in hot (online) wallets.

User Account Security

  • Two-factor authentication is available for account login and funding.
  • Isolated, highly secure system for uploading account verification documents.
  • Only staff who need access to user account information have access.

System Security

  • Data is encrypted wherever possible, and systems are both redundant and isolated from one another.
  • Data is replicated and backed up on a daily basis.
  • We currently use Cloudflare, among other measures, for protection from Distributed Denial of Service attacks.
  • Our staff has been thoroughly vetted, and multiple sign-offs are required for anything remotely sensitive.

Financial Security

  • We maintain full reserves on all customer funds.
  • Customer funds reside in a custodial bank account separate from our operations account, and fees are transferred on a daily basis.
  • Customer funds cannot be borrowed to fund operations, nor can they be lent.
  • We have solid relations with our banks.

Legal Compliance

  • Digital currency legal status is still being defined, but Dasset takes a highly proactive and informed approach to ensuring legal compliance.
  • Our approach is to operate conservatively, entirely within the bounds of current law, and to constantly monitor regulatory developments so that we can anticipate changes before they occur.
  • Our compliance measures are designed by a team of legal advisors who are responsible for constantly evaluating our legal stance in the face of regulatory developments.